May 30, 2007

Become a Monster

The Frustrated Angel

The Angel says if I want to be a sucker, that's my business,
But it's all about service, not servitude--in this world, you
Either become a monster or you wait on one.

O, Hopler! If only sitting on your hands was heroic! If only
boredom was a form of prayer!

The Angel says I have the quiet confidence and smoldering
Good looks one usually associates with more confident and attractive people.

A coward's confession--, that's what he thinks my ulcer is.
He thinks I should knock some heads together if I'm really
So convinced everyone is such a mother-

I see what they mean, Hopler--
one really does get tired of you.

He wants to know how often I’ve been mistaken for a shrub.

The Angel says if you beat someone long enough and hard enough,
They will learn to love you for it.

That’s mighty big talk, isn’t it Hopler—coming from a man who lives with his mother?

Hopler, I’ve had it with all your crying and complaining. If I wanted
to hear whining, I’d kick a dog.

--Jay Hopler, from Green Squall

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